Why Farm Tracker?

As farm regulations continue to grow and the increasing focus on farm record keeping becomes a larger and costlier burden, companies are looking for solutions. Maintaining farm records, keeping up-to-date on permit requirements, and producing annual reports take time that many companies struggle to find. Packers are continuously pushing for better farm documentation and quality assurance adherence. The level of records and reporting for farms gets more complicated every day. Office staff spend countless hours waiting by fax machines for information coming in from farms just to type it into a centralized system.

Farm Tracker is designed to collect data regarding on farm tasks, measurements and activities, and record them for use at the central office. The data can be recorded using standard PC’s, Smart Phones or Guided Phone Message System. This reduces the burden on the main office by utilizing direct entry from the source. The data collection can be customized and then used in LotTracker or linked to another reporting system.

Trying to achieve PQA compliance? This is your solution.

Let’s get rid of those fax machines!

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Information Collected

  • Deads

  • Health Status

    • PRRS

    • PED

    • MYCO

  • Movement Head Counts

  • Water Readings

  • Vaccination Given

  • General Condition

  • Order Feed


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