Why Lot Tracker?

LotTracker is Delfax’s complete pork production software. LotTracker meets the needs of production managers, accountants and senior management by integrating production data with accounting. It interfaces with the accounting system of your choice, contains imports and interfaces for toll mills, suppliers, and packers to automate data entry and reduce labor costs.

It records and reports on production and accounting information through all stages of production. It provides reporting for open lots and closed lots, and unlike other systems where lot data is stored from nursery through finisher, LotTracker includes complete support for sow farm production and accounting data.

It provides detailed balance sheet and P/L support. We record and report on all lots while open on your balance sheet and move them to P/L when closed. LotTracker creates the accounting entries and guarantees they balance! LotTracker is much more than just accounting though, there are killsheet analysis modules, feed ordering, sales scheduling, mortality analysis and more.

LotTracker can be installed locally or hosted on our servers. If you want your data hosted at your site, we will install and configure the software at your location.

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  • Advanced Freight Payment

  • Advanced P/L Recognition on Partial sold lots

  • Animal Movements

  • Configurable Screen and Report Access for: User/Fieldman/Vet/Producer/Mill

  • Expense Entry Processing with Budgeting

  • Feed Ordering with Price and Ration Integrity Checks

  • Multi Company Support

  • Overstock/Double Stock Management

  • Purchase Ordering and Approval

  • Rent Payment with Open days Adjustment

  • Sales Prediction & Scheduling

  • Site Utilization Analysis

  • Smart Phone Access

  • Sow Farm/GDU support

  • Unlimited Linked: Growth Charts/Diets/GL Account Numbers


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