Why Trade Tracker?

Delfax understands the volatility of commodities can seriously impact profitability. To counteract the unpredictable price changes that happen in our industry, companies hedge. When audit time comes, can you provide the right documentation for your trading? Are you correctly recording the results on your financials? Delfax can help accomplish this.

TradeTracker provides full FAS133 compliance documentation and detailed trade reporting of all trade activity. It accurately manages trade to risk relationships and provides the reporting needed.

It interfaces with all the major clearinghouses and directly imports trades. Delfax has pre-established hedge models for Grains – Meats, Futures – Options – Swaps, Collars, Cash Flow – Fair Value and more.

Many of the leading audit firms in the US have successfully audited TradeTracker. It provides all the needed pre- and post-trade reporting. We have established relationships with the largest firms in the industry, and have dozens of complex effectiveness test modules pre-coded and available to work with.

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Detailed Installation/FASB133 Compliance

  • All features of Basic Installation

  • Develop the relationship between the hedged item and the inventory item at price risk

  • Multiple regression models for compliance

  • Detailed auditable compliance reports

  • Detailed FASB133 generation for compliance

  • Storage of actual transaction prices for compliance calculations

  • Personalized support to develop your hedge accounting policy, implement it, and pass it through auditors


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